Scopri le nuove camere de La Groletta.

La Groletta Infos

Affordable and customizable prices.

Call us to learn about the conventions for companies, the special arrangements for groups or to book a room. Find out how to celebrate with us your wedding, baptisms, communions and other special events. We are waiting for you!

To book, restaurant or rooms:
045 6703275

Opening hours


11.00 AM - 15.00 AM / 06.00 PM - 10.00 PM


11.00 AM - 15.00 AM / 06.00 PM - 10.00 PM

The dinners are avaiable olny with previous booking


il ristorante

Restaurant La Groletta. Please make yourselves comfortable.

Here at La Groletta we like to make you feel comfortable, as if you were at home. This is why in our environment, recently renovated to be even more comfortable, the atmosphere is warm and domestic but at the same time informal and simple. Even the flavors of our cuisine will make you feel welcome: traditional recipes and simple dishes, for a quick lunch or a quiet, relaxing Sunday meal. With family, friends or for business, just to celebrate. Find out about our conventions for companies and about the special arrangements for groups. We like to make you feel welcome and also welcome back.


Dining room


The welcome desk


The waiting room in the entry



The view of the the veranda from the waiting room


Our veranda overlooking the park


Our veranda


Plates to suit all tastes.

Our chefs have in mind a lot of recipes and different flavors for you, always respecting the seasons and area where we are. We select local and fresh products and cook them according to the classic recipes of the Italian tradition, with some concessions to new trends but always following our philosophy: simplicity, authenticity, to meet everyone’s tastes. This is why everyday we suggest our delicious menu at a fixed price. On Sunday, instead, you will find the menu “à la carte”. Buon appetito!

Come and find out our new autumn-winter menu:
The Groletta’s Autumn-Winter Menu

Crea il tuo menù personalizzato: festeggia da noi il tuo matrimonio, i battesimi, le comunioni, i compleanni o altre ricorrenze. Qui di seguito alcune tra le nostre proposte:
Wedding Menu
Menu Comunione


Our breakfasts


Crepes with mushrooms


Truffle risotto



Platter of cold cuts and cheeses


Catalan cream


Semifreddo with amaretto


With the hands and the heart.

In our kitchen we never sleep! Everyday we prepare nice and fresh bread, cakes, cookies and biscuits. We make fresh pasta, and jams to take care of you even more, from breakfast to dinner. Our kitchen is a living, breathing laboratory, where we use local ingredients and the products of our vegetable garden. Here the “Groletterie” are born. Jams, marmalades, picked vegetables and biscuits. Original products cooked using the recipes of the local tradition and with lot’s of love in it. Try them, enjoy them and love them.

Here are our new Groletterie
Le Groletterie


The Groletterie, jams, marmalades, picked vegetables all made by us


We produce the bread to put it fresh on the table everyday


At breakfast, our jams



The strawberry jam


The tomato puree


The sauce red radish


The new patio and the pool, everything for your relax.

Here at La Groletta we are still renewing all the spaces. We changed the furniture and put new plants and flowers, making the environment even more comfortable.
We will welcome you to the renovated patio: before lunch or dinner, when you are nicely relaxed, you can have a cool drink and read a newspaper or an exciting book. In summer our guests can enjoy a nice cool afternoon by the pool, having some fun and relax.


The new patio, just amazing for an appetizer


The new patio


The park of the restaurant La Groletta



Our clients by the pool


The pool, enjoy the cool summer


Pool, sun and relax


New services.

Conference Room, Bike Area and Leisure Area.


New signage


Leisure Area


Bike area


The Groletta’s Style.

If you love our style, you can get a piece of La Groletta to take home with you! We created a line of gadgets with our brand: ecological shopping bags, calendars, pencils, notebooks, kitchen’s aprons and t-shirts. In this way we can be always with you. When you shop or cook, when you are taking notes and even you are dressing up. With “La Groletta” you will always be in great company!


Our t shirt


Shopping bag


The apron for cooking



Our agenda


Merchandising La Groletta


Shopping bag for our products

le stanze


On a business trip? On holiday with all the family? Cycling holidays? Here, it is nice to wake up, well refreshed and rested, with a beautiful view all around, in every season. Yes, at La Groletta you can eat really well, but you can sleep even better! Inside the renovated and welcoming spaces of the Groletta, there are 12 comfortable rooms with two to three beds, en suite bathrooms and all with the essential comforts. It’s also possible to add a crib for the little ones or another bed for the bigger groups. And than when you wake up, a nice and homemade breakfast with sweets, biscuits and bread made in our laboratory. Perfect for tourists, strategic for business trip, open all the yeat.
We offer conventions for companies or other arrangements for long period stays. An oasis of serenity, with the possibility to relax by the pool. Sweet dreams.

We introduce you tho rooms of La Groletta.

We named the 12 rooms here at La Groletta after a research in the territory to make the guest curios and to direct our clients to find out the traditions of our land. Every room tells her story about the land around us, producing 12 short but nice descriptions with pictures and words. You can find them outside of each room.



The 12 rooms at La Groletta


Room La Chiusa

The Chiusa Veneta, millenary geteway to the Pianura Padana and to the Mediterranean Sea for the ones that used to come from the north of Europe, it was built by the Austrian between the 1849 and the 1851.Is the ancient Etschklause Fort in his original aspect. It’s in the Caprino Veronese’s area, in Chiusa di Ceraino.

The Chiusa Room is a double room, with the possibility of adding another bed or a crib. It’s a modern room, with all the essential comforts. Suitable for all kind of stays, from a short one to a longer holiday.

The comforts: non-smoking, room suitable for persons with disabilities, free wi-fi, in room controlled heating, en suite bathroom with shower, towels. Pets are allowed upon request.


Room’s view


Pairing the colours: red, white and beige


The wardrobe


Room Beatrice

According to some historians opinion, Beatrice Portinari (1266-1290) is the historical person behind the Dante’s character of Beatrice, woman that lived in this area and loved by the poet.

The Beatrice Room is a double room, with the possibility of adding another bed or a crib. It’s a very bright and modern room, with all the essential comforts. Suitable for all kind of stays, from a short weekend, to a longer holiday.

The comforts: non-smoking, room suitable for persons with disabilities, free wi-fi, in room controlled heating, en suite bathroom with shower, towels. Pets are allowed upon request.


Room’s view


Other view of the room


En suite bathroom


The Other Rooms: double room, with the possibility of adding another bed or a crib. They are a very bright and modern rooms, with all the essential comforts. Suitable for all kind of stays, from a short weekend, to a longer holiday.

The comforts: non-smoking, room suitable for persons with disabilities, free wi-fi, in room controlled heating, en suite bathroom with shower, towels. Pets are allowed upon request.


La Grola




The new bathroom


Rue De Rivoli


La Venere


La Rocca


All roads lead to “La Groletta”.

La Groletta is in a very strategic position: in the middle of an enchanting land, very close to the Monte Baldo, to the Garda Lake and just 20 km away from Verona. We are near the motorway exit “Affi”.
From our hotel is really easy to get to the international airport of Verona, to Gardaland, to the other theme parks and to the thermal parks of Lazise, Colà and Acquardens. Really close by there is the “Madonna della Corona” Sanctuary and a really special area for active people: a lot of trekking walks and bicycle paths that will take you to really suggestive places.


The view from Verona


Vineyards and olive groves of the Garda Lake


The area is rich of cycling paths


La Groletta has the Collective Territory Brand of the Product of Baldo. This brand helps all the local activities to collaborate and to promote the local culture and history, putting attention to the territory and to the traditional and typical products.


The brand Territorial Collective Production of Baldo

il progetto La Groletta

A story made of stories.

The Groletta is a rehabilitation project started by Panta Rei, a Social Cooperative specializing in community services. It’s aim is to offer people with psychological distress and mental disabilities, a job and a place to work, this will help them at gaining more confidence and independence. To them, a business such as La Groletta, represents a very important opportunity of rehabilitation, through experience and activities in a protected but also challenging and friendly environment. At La Groletta there are also two challenging and rehabilitation projects: “A garden as a friend” and “The Grolleteries”. Our patients take care every day of the vegetable garden and than they use the products to make nice jams, sauces and pickles to be served in the restaurant or to be sold directly to the customers. Unique of its kind, La Groletta is also a place of social housing.

Everyday, all of these people are trying to feel good.
And to make you feel good too.


Our associates


The Groletta, place of our project


Our aim is to make you feel confortable and at home



Our always fresh vegetables


The preparation of our products


Our products


Restaurant Staff


Kitchen Staff


Room-Cleaning Staff


From Involvement to autonomy.

The experience so far gained by the cooperative allows to identify some important therapeutic topics related to this type of path:

• An open environment and a “ non-psychiatric “ atmosphere: the experience involves the person who feels worker and no more sick;

• The adequate financial capabilities: the person develops a positive and not destructive awareness of his own limitations;

• The support daily trained people: prepared in both social health and production supervision, they represent a valuable relational support;

• The positive feedback of the family: the user is no longer perceived as a person to attend to, but as a subject able to support themselves and in some cases, contribute to the needs of the family.

Staff training.

The working members carry out positions of assistant cook, waiter, bartender, janitor , gardener, constantly supported by the operators Community Team. At the beginning, each of them follows a precise preparatory programm. A first phase, known as pre – insertion, provides a path aimed to the development of the functions necessary to carry out regular work activity and interpersonal skills both with the working group and customers. This period is characterized by specific and concrete training. Once the working members reach a better autonomy, they are hired through a personalized project, that, starting from a careful analysis of the specific subject, discipline the working hours, daily and weekly and distribution tasks.

Numbers of quality.

When the project started in 2006, it gave a commitment to take aim by Panta Rei 4-5 disadvantaged people within the first three years of activity. Experience testifies growth gradually and surprising until it got to the 13 people now working at La Groletta.

The experience was so positive that changed the structure: the Therapeutic Community Rehabilitation Protected, for patients with the more need of assistance, is now a Housing Community, aimed at people who have won significant levels of autonomy with consequent reduction of health operator. The success of the project is evident not only by the increase disadvantaged hiring or prefilled in business, but also by the positive response from customers. La Groletta is a unique reality, where the boundaries between healthy and sick no longer make sense. Instead, what makes sense is the relationship between daily workers and guests, among people between people. Trust, acceptance, appreciation, dignity, participation: the real value of the project La Groletta, beyond the numerical data, it is precisely the human one.

La Groletta is a project  of the Social Cooperative Panta Rei:


Contact us

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